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2nd International Choir Music Workshop

2nd International Choir Music Workshop 1000 675 o. Mateusz

This is the second workshop of singing together for the glorious of God!

For all those interested in Church music and singing in choir, especially those who are already members of local church choirs in the Tottenham area – this workshop is for you!

You are invited to attend the 2nd International Choir Music Workshop at St Ignatius Parish, South Tottenham and spend the weekend Praising God through music and song.

When you see the words “Choir Music Workshop” you may think of long hours of rehearsals, piles and piles of sheet music and repetitions of small complex musical phrases. Well, to some extent you would be right, but there is much more to it than that! You will be taking part in a wonderful experience of Christian community who together develop their skills in singing and musical accompaniment.

There will be top class teaching from well known Polish Church music composers which will lead to a massed choir singing at the 11.30am (English) Mass and the 1.30pm (Polish) Mass at St Ignatius church on Sunday.

Everyone who loves singing and want to learn how to perform even better is most welcome. Our composers and trainers, Hubert, Piotr and Paweł will guide you through the entire process from reading the music to its performance. They will help you to understand better the qualities of your voice and how to use it to best effect, all for the greater glory of God!

The workshop will be conducted in English and Polish and you will learn songs in both languages.


Specialist Sessions for both instrumentalists and singers
To book your place contact by the 28th of January 2018 to: 
Rafał Pratko: pratko@wp.pl or Katarzyna Paszek: paszek.katarzyn@gmail.com
Cost: £30 including: materials, refreshments, two lunches; Pay on Entry

From last year

Examples of music sheets:


Welcome, Bread of Life

Come, praise the Lord, the Almighty

Lord, I give You my heart

How we sang last year: